Women's Cotton Clothing in Fort Myers, Florida

Be Beautiful and Comfortable

Find a large variety of beautiful women's cotton, rayon, linen, gauz and cotton knit dresses, like comfortable sundresses and other clothing that fits the woman you are. Our Escapada, match point and before and again are most popular brands for every woman.
All sizes are welcome here. Our company is the place that provides what you can't find elsewhere. Forget all the trouble you've had trying to find your size at other places, we have your size.
 More than Dresses

Besides the comfortable cotton dresses you'll find here at Cotton Daze, you will also find women's tops and bottoms. We can't wear dresses all the time, now can we?   
For those times when comfort means a nice cotton top or comfy pants, Cotton Daze is still here for you.

Don't Forget to Accessorize

Even At Cotton Daze, everything can't be made of cotton! So, come and look at our women's accessories. There's more variety than you might think.

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Whether you find yourself searching for cotton shorts, cotton tops, rayon tops, rayon bottoms, cruise wear, vacation wear or much, much more - we have you covered! Visit our Shop Now page today to find out just what we have in store for you!

Contact Cotton Daze, in Fort Myers, Florida, when you're ready for women's cotton clothing that's comfortable and fitting and affordable.

About Us      

Come to us in Fort Myers, Florida, and see our elegant, comfortable, and most importantly, affordable women's cotton clothing! Customers tell us that our clothing is very comfortable and a perfect fit. Clients also enjoy how colorful and sunny our clothing is.


More about Cotton Daze

Cotton Daze has been written up by the local newspaper, New press, about how fast our growth has been. Our company supports the PACE organization, which in turn, supports young girls, Breast Cancer awareness is very important to us also and we are a member of the Fort Meyers Chamber of Commerce. Lastly, we have an event called 'Love That Dress' to collect dresses for the girls that belong to PACE, and we have a Breast Cancer Awareness event.

Hours of Operation: Monday to Saturday 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM ( November to May) Tues to Saturday 10:30 AM to 5:30 PM ( June to September)


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